Nieuwe drummer bekend gemaakt voor Onslaught

Gepost in Nieuws door Peter Hagen op 07-12-2011

Britse oudgediende Onslaught hebben bekend gemaakt dat drummer Michael "Mic" Hourihan (Desecration, Extreme Noise Terror) officeel als 'nieuwe' bandlid is aangenomen. In dit geval is het 'Nieuw', omdat hij al sinds afgelopen maart met de band aan het touren is.

Commenteaar van bassist Jeff Williams: "I have to say I am so fucking happy to have Mic playing full-time in Onslaught. Not only is he a really cool guy and a real pleasure to spend time with, but also without doubt the finest drummer that I have ever had the pleasure to play alongside. Everyone who came along to the 'Scream For Violence' European, U.K., Ireland or South American tours and saw Mic in action will certainly testify to this; the guy is a fucking machine! The Onslaught lineup is so powerful, focused and harmonious right now and the new album is going to completely fucking destroy!... Bring it on!"

Onslaught [GB]