Detonation parts ways with drummer Thomas Kalksma

Gepost in Nieuws door Peter Hagen op 03-05-2008

Dutch death/thrash metal act Detonation have announced parting ways with drummer Thomas Kalksma. Kalksma was one of the original founders of the band and had been part of Detonation for over ten years. Commented by the band: "It was a very hard decision to make, but in the end both Thomas and the band agreed it would be better to part ways. We've had differences of opinion on the future of Detonation and these differences eventually where too strong to overcome. There are no hard feelings mutually and Detonation wish Thomas all the best for his future musical career."

Thomas' statement:

"I regret and feel very glad simultaneously to be leaving Detonation. After a lot of big ups an downs in this band, I feel that the abovementioned differences in opinion took away my passion for this band. Despite the fact that I've been jamming with Koen even before Detonation started, and the fact that i've put alot of effort in this band, I felt a huge need for change during the past months. Therefore i'll move forward and will focus on my other musical activities. I'm also open to interesting offers.I want to thank all bookers, promoters, media and festivalorganisers and most importantly all FANS I have contact with. You are great and you haven't seen the last of me."

Detonation will continue writing for the forthcoming 4th studio album, and expect to be able to perform all shows planned at the moment. However, the band is now in search for a new drummer. If you have the skills, determination and personality we are looking for, please contact us through myspace or via info @ detonation.nl!

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